Plastic injection moulding

Injection moulding technology as our main business sector serves the most diverse industries with a very wide range of products.

Our machinery that essentially consists of Demag and Arburg machines is designed in a state of the art manner in terms of its technological features and the requirements of our customers.
Regular new investments ensures this is the case. The injection moulding machines have a clamping force of 35 tonnes to 550 tonnes and are equipped with a corresponding extraction technique which enables us to manufacture plastic parts weighing between 1 g to 1,250 g with a high degree of process security.

Demanding product range

Design parts (high gloss or “piano black lacquer”, metallic look)   |   high quality visual components (clear as glass, transparent) and light guides   |   functionally relevant / technical plastic parts   |   mass and series parts   |   painted and printed plastic parts


  • Demag
  • Arburg
  • Clamping force of 35 to 550 tonnes for robot and handling systems
  • Injection weights
    1 g to -1,250 g

Machinery for the highest requirements

Machinery for the highest requirements

numberClamping force
335 tonnes
150 tonnes
380–90 tonnes
3125–130 tonnes
2160–170 tonnes
2220–225 tonnes
5300–350 tonnes
1550 tonnes – 2K

We have the potential to offer our customers the most diverse solutions for their plastic part requirements. In this process we supply both small and also large-scale series. We are able by virtue of the expertise we have obtained over many years to process technical plastics employing injection moulding processes in the most diverse manners (filled and reinforced, transparent and in colour).

The submission of recommendations for the solution of your problems comes as a matter of course for us to just the same extent as the joint optimisation of the equipment we have provided to you.

You will find more in depth explanations of the finishing options for the plastic parts downstream of the injection moulding process in the Competences menu item.

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