Based on our own ideas or according to customer specifications we develop and design your product for you. Right from the idea generation phase we check whether the article can be manufactured and analyse a potential product and process risk. The execution of simulations and the creation of FMEAs during the construction phase support the design and engineering process to increase the reliability of the results.

Following the processing of your own or the geometric and design data passed on by you, we produce master samples and hand and exhibition samples for you as required.

Service provider

  • Consultancy and development
  • Design and engineering
  • Model and prototype construction
  • Tool construction
  • Injection moulding

Testing and measuring

  • Functional and quality testing according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016
  • Functional and quality testing according to customised testing standards
  • Colour check in the light cabin
  • Machine and process capability tests
  • SPC test
  • Optical tests
  • Inspection of surface tension
  • Determination of the moisture content
  • Measurement
  • 3D measurement
  • Electrode gauging

Finishing of plastic parts

Various milling options are available to us for the mechanical machining and integration of complex geometries into your plastic parts.
Ultrasonic welding
Using state of the art ultrasonic welding systems we quickly provide your plastic parts into a precise and solid join.
Hot stamping
We offer a high quality surface finishing of your plastic parts by means of the embossing of foils designed as a surface, lettering or graphic.
Printing and painting
We round off our range of finishing services especially in relation to optically demanding plastic parts with our longstanding cooperative partners from the fields of printing and painting.
Production, assembly of modules
The joining and production of packaging units, as well as the assembly of individual parts to form simple or also complex modules, supplements the range of services we offer.
We are also happy to assume responsibility for the procurement of purchased parts and the logistical processing, order picking, customs clearance and the dispatch of your goods.

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